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T.U.F.F. Mission X: Saga 2 - Chapter 29
T.U.F.F. Mission X: The T.O.O.R. Saga – Chapter 29
The dark truth
- The present -
While Prospect was telling his story, Snaptrap was beginning to feel very fed up with having to listen to it.
“Come on, already!” he said. “Are you almost done yet? This story’s taking way longer than you said it would.”
“Jeez, Snaptrap,” said Dudley. “Inconsiderate a little much?”
“Yeah,” agreed Kitty. “Prospect’s telling this heartfelt story as to why Wreckage became such a bad person and what happened to his poor brother. It’s probably very hard for him to talk about this.”
“That’s for sure,” said the Chameleon. “It’s just like when I try to talk about my book, The Lonely Chameleon, which happens to be based on many parts of my life! The only difference is that everyone can’t bear to listen to it…”
“Well, since we’re all,
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Kitty (Ver 3.0) - T.U.F.F. Mission X :iconfoxsdumbseriesmaker:FoxsDumbSeriesMaker 41 74 Sinthia flirting with Hector - T.U.F.F. Mission X :iconfoxsdumbseriesmaker:FoxsDumbSeriesMaker 31 46 Sinthia (Hartman style) - T.U.F.F. Puppy OC :iconfoxsdumbseriesmaker:FoxsDumbSeriesMaker 39 41 Screwy Lizard :iconhamsterfly:Hamsterfly 398 12
T.U.F.F. Mission X: Saga 2 - Chapter 24
T.U.F.F. Mission X: The T.O.O.R. Saga – Chapter 24
Wreckage’s rage
- The past –
It was late in the evening at the N.E.E.D. campsite, and Samuel was pacing back and forth. He looked at the sun, wishing that it would set. He was twelve years old at this point, and he had gotten a little taller.
“Come on…” he muttered to himself as he kept on walking. “Hurry up… I need to meet up with her…”
“Meet up with her?” said Prospect. Samuel turned around to see him walking up a hill, holding his sword over his shoulder and large bag in his right hand.
Samuel smiled. “Hey, Prospect. How’s the battle going?”
“Well, the Shedding Hair are still pushing our forces, but we should be ready to end them soon enough.” He chuckled. “However, I asked you a question first.”
He looked to his side. “Uh, yeah… I was going off to meet with… a friend of mine.”
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Sin's casual wear - T.U.F.F. Mission X :iconfoxsdumbseriesmaker:FoxsDumbSeriesMaker 47 46 Lady Malmsteen - T.U.F.F. Mission X :iconfoxsdumbseriesmaker:FoxsDumbSeriesMaker 39 36 Guilt (Kitty) - T.U.F.F. Mission X :iconfoxsdumbseriesmaker:FoxsDumbSeriesMaker 34 32
T.U.F.F. Mission X: Saga 2 - Chapter 14
T.U.F.F. Mission X: The T.O.O.R. Saga – Chapter 14
T.O.O.R.’s newest member
Wreckage was walking down a hallway that held many different criminals behind their cells. He had to beat down a few more guards during his walk, but overall, he had no trouble. Most of them noticed Wreckage and felt a sense of danger from his presence. However, he wasn’t there for them; he was there to see Purpose, who was locked away in a unique cell, compared to the ones the other criminals were in. Wreckage had his hands folded behind his back as he walked towards his destination, ignoring the scum and villainy around him.
“Hmm…” thought Wreckage as he looked down. “That Katty woman actually had the nerve to ask me to let her out of her cell. I don’t think anyone’s ever talked to me like that after I formed T.O.O.R.… Interesting. Also, what was up with the way she was talking? I’ve never heard a voice like that before. She sound
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T.U.F.F. Mission X: Saga 2 - Chapter 12
T.U.F.F. Mission X: The T.O.O.R. Saga – Chapter 12
Snaptrap gets desperate… Again!
“So, Snaptrap…” said Bird Brain as he placed his hands in his pockets. “What did you think?”
“That was terrible!” replied Snaptrap in a cranky way. “You couldn’t tell a story if your life depended on it!”
“Hmph. You just wish you had ‘mad skills’ like me when it comes to narratives.”
“Well, for one, you didn’t have to be such a suck up to all of the people you mentioned.”
“Yeah,” stated Larry. “And why were you describing everyone in past tense? Does Malmsteen not have long, black hair anymore?”
“I was speaking in past tense to make the story sound more interesting,” replied Bird Brain with a stern expression.
“What a load!” complained Snaptrap.
“Like I care what you think!” Bird Brain quickly calmed himself down
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T.U.F.F. Mission X: Saga 2 - Chapter 11
T.U.F.F. Mission X: The T.O.O.R. Saga – Chapter 11
The villain convention
- Told from Bird Brain’s narration -
Bird Brain: Alright, are you listening, Snaptrap? Good. I’m the one telling the story right now. It all started here a couple of days ago. All of us “big time” criminals were there, which somehow included the Chameleon. I was sitting next to him, which also allowed me to sit in your spot, since you weren’t there for some reason. Being lazy I suppose… Anyways, the usual members were there: General Guar, Cassidy Catz, the Water Wolf, Wreckage, and of course the Lady herself. We were all sitting at a long table in the middle of a large room. Everything from the food to the furniture looked high-class, but the castle still had a dark and eerie feel to it. Others such as Meerkat and his group weren’t invited, since they can’t ever commit crimes unless you’re golfing f
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T.U.F.F. Mission X: Saga 2 - Chapter 10
T.U.F.F. Mission X: The T.O.O.R. Saga – Chapter 10
N.E.E.D. / Larry annoys Snaptrap
- Many years ago, in a far off land -
A young boy was sitting on the edge of a grassy hill, looking out at the sky. His feet moved back and forth as they hung over the edge of where he sat. Around him were many trees and forestry, but there were also small metal buildings that were set up. Armored men were around as well; many of them were training by aiming their blasters at different targets, while others were gathered around tables that had maps on them; but not this boy. He didn’t wear armor like the rest of them, and he was much smaller in comparison, as he was merely ten years old. He took a deep breath of air and softly exhaled as he looked at the ground below himself.
“I wonder how much longer this will go on…” he said to himself quietly. “I know we’re winning, but…” He sighed. “I just wish we didn’t have to fight at
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Undertale :iconpedromirandafilho:PedroMirandaFilho 3,135 189
T.U.F.F. Mission X: Saga 2 - Chapter 8
T.U.F.F. Mission X: The T.O.O.R. Saga – Chapter 8
Dudley stared at the armored figure standing before him. He didn’t know what to make of this being. He had never seen someone like him before. Well… that’s almost true.
Wreckage looked over at Schism. “This was your idea, wasn’t it, Schism?” he said with a deep metallic voice.
Schism took a step back. “Wreckage…!” he said nervously. “Yes, it was… but I was only trying to weaken him so that he could be captured. He turned out to be more trouble than we originally thought.”
Wreckage cracked his neck rather roughly, which made the cracking noise pretty loud. “So what you’re telling me…is that he’s stronger than you.” Schism was trying hard to stay calm. “Am I wrong?”
“He’s…He’s not stronger…!” he said, trying not to lose his temper. He knew very wel
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T.U.F.F. Mission X: Saga 2 - Chapter 6
T.U.F.F. Mission X: The T.O.O.R. Saga – Chapter 6
T.O.O.R. attacks
Dudley, Kitty, the Chief and Keswick have arrived at their destination for their camping trip. It was dark out, and they have set up camp in the woods, getting some orange tents set up and a campfire going. They all sat around some rocks and were roasting hotdogs on sticks.
“It’s starting to feel like we’ve done this before…” said Dudley.
“We did,” replied Kitty. “It was like this on Riptide Island. Only now we’re all together”
“Right! That’s what I was thinking of. I knew I was having that thought where you remember something familiar.”
“That would be ‘déjà vu.’”
“Okay, Kitty,” he said tiredly. “You don’t have to start mixing in words in different languages with English ones. We get it already. Thank you!”
Kitty just decided to ignore his ignorance.
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